CLARKSTON, Ga. -- Neighbors say a 4-year-old girl was playing with a friend when they wandered into an area near the abandoned pool at their apartment complex. Within minutes, the child died.

The father of Baik Hnem said he was out of town when it happened. He arrived home in time to hear doctors announce his daughter's death.

Neysoe Oo said he had talked with his daughter on the phone a few hours earlier, but wishes he'd said so much more.

"I would have told her I loved her so much," hesaid, hardly able to speak without tears.

Oo is not sure how his daughter got near the pool. He said the gates at the Southern Place Apartments aren't properly secured.

Neighbors said the pool hasn't been used in years and that it was only half full, but the water was so murky, it was difficult for rescuers to find the little girl.

When 11Alive arrived at the complex there was a lock on the gate, yellow tape around the area and a security guard patrolling nearby. The complex also appeared to be draining the water inside the pool.

11Alive tried to talk with management about the pool's security, but calls were not returned. Police have yet to say whether anyone would be charged inHnem's death.

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