CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- The family of 18 year old Hilary Hobbswill never know what caused her to suddenly veer off Hall Station Road in Bartow County.

They only know her efforts to get back on track, caused her 2005 VW Beetle to spin out of control.The vehicledidn't stop until it hit a tree.

Hobbs was wearing her seatbelt, but it wasn't enough to protect her from the impact.

While Hobbs died in an accidentalcrash, those who knew her says she lived with purpose and an overwhelming abundance of joy.

"She would always make everybody laugh. She was the life of the party. She was the one who would always cheer everybody up," said her sister Heidi.

Hobbs' best-friend Sarah Hightower says that joy poured out through her smile.

"Her smile was the best thing about her. You could be having the worst day in the world and she'd come over and be 'hey buddy' out of nowhere and you just had to laugh," she said.

Hobbs was a teen that loved to sing, write poetry and draw. She also played in the band at Cartersville High School.

Shegraduatedin the Spring, but friends and even teachers who want to honor her have asked to take some time during half time at this Friday's game to do something special.

Hightower says right now they're planning to sing Amazing Grace and perhaps release balloons.

"She can never be replaced. She cared so much about people. She was our rock, she was always there for us," said her mother, Regina Shaw.

Hobbs dreamed of attending Georgia Tech, to become a meteorologist. Her mother says she wanted to be a storm chaser and loved to take pictures of the weather.

She took a picture in Dayton, FL last month during a trip with friends.It shows an ominous cloud, still filled with beauty. It's apicture of how quickly things can change.

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