JASPER, Ga - A metro Atlanta mother is suffering through the unthinkable after her daughter's lifeless body was dumped on the side of the road after a deadly asthma attack.

Investigators say a group of so-called friends didn't seek medical assistance for 20-year-old Taylor Smith, and only called 911 after they'd disposed of her body.

"It didn't have to happen," said Tanya Smith, the victim's mother. "She was dumped like you and I dump our garbage on the side of the road."

Two people have been charged, and authorities say more arrests are likely.

"I can't begin to erase the image of my daughter being pulled from a car lifeless and laid on the side of the road like she was worthless," said Smith.

The GBI is assisting in the investigation that began last Thursday. Investigators say Taylor Smith suffered an asthma attack at a Pickens County home where she was with a group of people.

Captain Frank Reynolds of the Pickens County Sheriff's Department says those friends did little to help Taylor.

"Didn't take her to the hospital, really didn't render aid," said Reynolds. "They didn't call 911. They didn't have any concern for her."

It wasn't until the next morning, after it was too late, that someone called 911. They directed authorities to a mobile home where Taylor Smith was found lifeless and alone in the front yard.

Investigators traced the call and have so far arrested two people. Marty Gaddis and Denise Patterson are both facing numerous charges that include abandoning a body, tampering with evidence, and drug charges.

Tanya Smith works with the Holly Springs Police Department in Cherokee County. She says she constantly warned her daughter to be more selective about the people she called her friends.

"I hope they spend the rest of their lives with the image of her body in their heads," said Smith. "I hope if they have any decency, they never get a night's sleep."

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