ATLANTA -- Prosecutors called the district's current superintendent, Erroll Davis to the stand Tuesday in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial. Davis told the jury he fired the defendant, Tamara Cotman, for incompetency, insubordination, neglect of duty and unethical behavior.

Tuesday afternoon, the prosecution rested its case against Cotman. She is accused of influencing a witness in the cheating investigation. Cotman's attorney, Benjamin Davis, who declined to give an opening statement, passed up another opportunity to give an opening statement after the state rested.

Through witness questioning, Davis appears to be arguing that Cotman's management style may have been demanding, but it wasn't criminal. In response to a question from Judge Jerry Baxter, Davis said he hadn't yet decided whether to call Cotman to testify.

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Before Davis testified, educators who worked under Cotman continued to testify they felt she retaliated against them.

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Former reading specialist Dr. Monica Hooker said she was demoted and moved from one school to another after she pointed out that student performance in class did not match how well they supposedly did on CRCT scores.

She became emotional talking about what she learned, saying, "You had students who that were 4 and 5 grade levels behind. Students made 900 more in math could barely multiply ... because it was so unfair to those kids ... who were coming from a distraught background to begin with."

11Alive has also learned that former superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall has stage four breast cancer. That could possibly change how she's prosecuted.

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