ATLANTA -- Atlanta school bus drivers are asking for the public's attention Tuesday morning as they try to build support for their side of a pay dispute with the school board.

Many local drivers say they never were paid for training sessions at the end of the summer.

A close look at the issue shows that not all Atlanta school bus drivers are affected. Most of the newer hires and the hourly employees say they were paid for the training.

The ones who say the saw no pay are longer serving, salaried bus drivers. Their union organized a protest outside and inside the Atlanta school board meeting Monday night to try to put some pressure on administrators and board members.

Bus drivers claim they have not been compensated for five days of mandatory training they completed before the start of the school year. They also say they've gone seven years with no pay raise.

"That's why people are upset. They have bills to pay themselves, they have their children to feed," bus driver Erika Tetens said. "We really like to be able to work with the children we drive on the school buses, and meet the parents and get along with them."

But Tetens feels she and other drivers should be paid for their efforts.


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