BREMAN, Ga. -- A Haralson County parent is frustrated with the shortage of bus drivers in her area after four of her children didn't arrive home until three hours after school.

"That's stressful to be put in that situation at that young of an age," said Shanna Boot.

The head of the school district's transportation department says Wednesday was a perfect storm that started with the lack of drivers.

"I apologize," said Sue Thompson. "I've been driving children myself just to get them home. We're doing all we can in our department."

Boot says her children texted her Wednesday afternoon to say they were still waiting for their ride home. Classes for her elementary school students end at 3:05 p.m. Her middle schooler is out shortly after.

The school system was already operating with 38 drivers and 40 routes when four drivers called in sick Wednesday. The remaining drivers scrambled to get children home. The last child wasn't delivered until 6 p.m.

Prior to Wednesday, there have been days when drivers have had to take double routes, meaning some students have had to wait an hour or more at school for their ride home.

Thompson says since the summer, she's advertised all over the county for more drivers. They have received applications and sent people to training and testing.

"We started out with eight in a class, and only two came out of it," said Thompson. "It's difficult to get people through the training."

The school system hopes to have an additional two drivers on the road soon.

Shanna Boot works, and says it's difficult for her to drive her children to school. She wants to see the district take care of its bus driver shortage.

"This shouldn't happen for any school district, whether they have money or not."

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