ATLANTA -- It was a sting going down right in front of drivers on one of the busiest roads in Atlanta-but they may not have noticed. Two plainclothes Atlanta police officers crossed Peachtree Street again and again, waiting to see if any cars failed to yield and crossed too closely. If they did, they were ticketed; a citation with a price tag north of $250.

"Drivers think they have the right of the road no matter what, that pedestrians should be yielding to them," said Marian Maddox, Program Manager for PEDS, a non-profit dedicated to pedestrian safety. "But it's state law, you have to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk."

Uniformed traffic officers were waiting down the street for any drivers they saw crossing too closely to their colleagues. They ticketed three drivers in less than an hour.

For a refresher on the rules of the road and how they apply to pedestrians, you can take a look at the PEDS website.

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