DECATUR, Ga. -- It's Friday night, which means one thing to many Atlanta-area residents: high school football.

In the city of Decatur, the school system is increasing security at and around tonight's game against Clarkston.

Three Decatur High School students were robbed at gunpoint after a game a few weeks ago. Tonight's match-up is the first home game since that incident.

Officials are requesting that spectators avoid bringing big bags and purses into the game. This is something that's become standard at other, similar events after crimes like the Boston Marathon bombing.

The school district is in the process of increasing lighting at and around the school. Georgia Power will help build poles with additional lighting, which will take a few weeks.

Finally, Decatur High is adding more manpower in the form of DeKalb County marshals and some law enforcement officers who work at the nearby courthouse. About six additional officers will be at the game.

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