CHATTAHOOCHEE HILLS, GA -- 78 year old Berry Brock will have immersed in electronic music this weekend, whether he wants to or not. "I'm a country western fan," Brock said. "I don't think that's what they're gonna play down there."

"Down there" is in the bucolic Chattahoochee river bottom, a short distance from Brock's home.A farm alongside the river will host an electronic music festival called TomorrowWorld - and by Wednesday afternoon, traffic was already starting to get a little thick outside Brock's home of more than fifty years.

"We went out and bought groceries today because we know we're not gonna be able to get out of the driveway until after this thing clears out, about Monday," Brock said.

Rooted in Europe, TomorrowWorld boasts that its been voted the world's best music festival.Its event this weekend will be its first in north America.But the south Fulton site has hosted two other large-scale music festivals.Police say they'll be there to manage traffic.But the history, they say, is one of very little crime.

"We've had a lot of young people down there," said Sgt. Scott McBride of Fulton County PD. "In both (of the other music festivals), there were a lot of people thinking there was going to be drugs and fights and disorderly conduct. And in both cases we had no issues at all."

The festival's web site says it has a zero tolerance policy for illegal drug use.Police say at least three private security companies will work the grounds.The music itself will echo through a very lightly populated area.

"We don't hear it that much. You can the thump thump thump," said Brock. "But that doesn't really bother me.The traffic bothers me."

Brock says if TomorrowWorld starts making regular appearances near his home -=- he'd like to see the county widen some of the country roads to accommodate the extra traffic.

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