ATLANTA -- An investigator told a federal magistrate Thursday that the voice of Wildrego Jackson was recorded making two ransomdemands during a Clayton County kidnapping case last week.

MANY MUG SHOTS | Wildrego Jackson was described by police as a "career felon"

FBI agent Joseph Fonseca testified during a probable cause hearing for Jackson, who is charged with kidnapping Ayvani Perez, and felony possession of a firearm.Jackson's public defender, Millie Dunn, disputed that Jackson's voice appears in the recording.

Fonseca testified that a girlfriend of Jackson's identified the phone number that made the calls.Fonseca also testified that Jackson had the phone in his possession when he was arrested.

Fonseca said the girl was "blindfolded" at times during the 33 hour ordeal, encountering four to five people during the course of her kidnapping.At least one was female.Fonseca said investigators have identified at least one kidnapper, who remains at large.

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Fonseca said the girl was never abused or harmed by the kidnappers, who eventually released her to a family member. He said the girl was held in a house or apartment but didn't know the location. He did not describe the release, nor did he elaborate on the relationship between the victim's family and the kidnappers.

Fonseca said at least three phones were used to make ransom demands.

He said Jackson's phone was linked electronically to the area where the girl was kidnapped at the time of the abduction.

Jackson's phone also communicated with another phone that made the two initial ransom demands, Fonseca said.

Federal magistrate Russell Vineyard denied Jackson's request for bond after hearing prosecutors say the 29 year old had been arrested 33 times.Prosecutor Katherine Hoffer said Jackson had failed six times to appear in court and had three felony convictions."He's been through the revolving door of the Fulton County courthouse and yet never faced any serious time," Hoffer told the court.

Dunn told Vineyard that Jackson was being held in an isolated cell at the Atlanta city jail, with a broken toilet and had been unable to shower since his arrest last week.Vineyard said he would investigate the defendant's jail conditions.

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