ATLANTA - Like throwing a rock into a pond, the federal government shutdown continues to have a ripple effect on several parts of the metro Atlanta community.

Take Emory Point, for example.

The residential andretail complex sits directly across the street from the Centers for Disease Control, which sent home 6,000 local employees on Tuesday.

Two days later, some businesses and restaurants told 11Alive they've felt only a slight drop in business, but others have been hit hard.

"Definitely a decrease in sales," said restaurant manager Jensen Kirby.

"They're a huge part of our lunch business and our dinner business as well; large parties and things like that are getting cancelled because of it," he added.

Even 10-year-olds at Cherokee County's Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy have felt it firsthand.

"Well, the government can't agree on the budget, so they have to shut down some places 'cause they don't have enough money," Taylor Boysen told 11 Alive.

She and some 5th grade classmates were supposed to have a video conference with NASA engineers Thursday to demonstrate some robotic arms they'd constructed.

But no NASA, no video conference, which obviously leaves them disappointed with the adult world.

"It's a bit immature of them 'cause they always tell us to get along with our arguments," said 10-year-old Basia Coleman.

When we heard that several U.S. military cemeteries across the globe were being closed off, we checked the two in our area, in Canton and Marietta.

Both are still open.

There may not be many, if any, staffers there, but at least families can still pay their respects to loved ones who served their country.

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