ATLANTA -- An Atlanta company is trying to crowd fund $100,000 on to launch a robotic bartender.

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The company, Monsieur, is backed by Atlanta tech entrepreneur Paul Judge. It has created an "artificial intelligent robotic bartender" machine that mixes what it says is the "perfect drink."

Customers can even use a mobile app that lets them order drinks from their smartphones.

The company says it hopes to sell the machines to nightclubs, arena suites, hotels and offices. It says it's developed and manufactured six different functional prototypes. It plans to have them made in China, ship the first for the 2013 holiday season and then launch more in 2014.

As of Oct. 3, the company had already raised more than $50,000 since it launched on Kickstarter on Oct. 1. See the Kickstarter campaign.

The machine has quickly become a media celebrity, getting covered by Fox News, Business Insider, Fast Company and the Los Angeles Times.

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