ATLANTA -- Friends and family of Joe Frierson IV celebrated his life in a homegoing service at Atlanta's Cascade United Methodist Church on Friday.

But hanging over all of the stories and fond memories was a burning question.

Why was the 37-year-old MLK, Jr. high school social studies teacher and rapper gunned down on Walker Street in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood last Saturday night?

"Just doesn't make any sense, him to have been taken so senselessly and so soon," said Rev. Marvin Moss, who presided over the funeral.

While family, coworkers and students praised Frierson, they, too, can't believe anyone would have wished him harm.

"All the time that I've known him, nobody had any animosity whatsoever towards him," said coworker Lawrence Yarbrough.

"Just couldn't believe it," said student Kameron Wyatt.

"Mr. Frierson just was a great man, he was awesome, he was epic," Wyatt added.

"We are blessed, beyond blessed for your support, so that this family will not sink into despair," said his sister, Cam Frierson.

Whoever shot Joe Frierson apparently robbed him, taking his watch, bracelet and necklace, but leaving his wallet, cell phone and wedding ring.

Today his mother made a public plea for anyone who knows what happened to contact Atlanta Police.

"We need to support each other as a community, not to kill each other, 'cause murder is senseless," said Toni Frierson.

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