ATLANTA -- We've all seen people texting and driving even though it's against the law in Georgia. Karen Cooke noticed something more unusual. She sent us photos of someone driving and playing a recorder.


PANEL DISCUSSION | Distracted driving

She said she took the photos during rush hour traffic on I-285 this week. It shows the driver of a blue car with one hand on the wheel and one hand playing a recorder. Karen said she and her husband we beside the recorder-playing driver for about ten miles. She called it "very disconcerting".

Others on 11Alive Facebook page, where she originally posted the photos, were more amused in their responses:

It got us talking about the crazy things we see on the roads in Atlanta. It's almost a right of passage. If you've lived here, you've probably seen someone doing something while driving they shouldn't be doing. Share your stories with us!

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