A shooting at the U.S. Capitol reminded the nation of chaos and uncertainty that flooded the streets of Washington in the moments after gunfire.

What if a similar incident happened here in Atlanta?

On Saturday MARTA is preparing for the worst during an overnight drill. They'll be tackling a number of crisis situations from terrorist attacks, pandemics and natural disasters.

People nearby may wonder exactly what is happening during the staged emergency. They should expect loud noises, lights, smoke and controlled chaos at the College Park marta station.

It will be going on all night, closing down streets in the area until 5 a.m.

The drill is quite similar to the scene if some worst-case scenario really was happened and the MARTA station was on lock down. The TSA, the FBI, as well as police and fire departments around the area combine for the mock emergency.

As a result of the drill there are a number of detours and streets closures around the College Park Station. Access to I-85 from Lee Street will not be available. East Main Street from Lee Street to Harvard Avenue is completely closed. Lee Street from East Main Street to Columbia Avenue is completely closed. Main Street will be the access point for I-85.

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