WXIA -- In a poll conducted by 11Alive and moderated by Survey USA, 500 adults were asked whether or not they approved of President Obama and Congress during the Federal Government shutdown.

FULL COVERAGE | The Affordable Care Act
FULL COVERAGE | Federal Government shutdown

The majority of people disapproved of the President and both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress. 52 percent disapproved with the job President Obama was doing, while 44 approved. 52 percent also disapproved of the Democrats, while 67 disapproved of the Republicans. The Democrats received a higher approval rating however, as 39 percent approved of the job they were doing while 22 percent approved of the job Republicans were doing.

As far as the Affordable Care Act itself, 68 percent of those polled said they were well informed of the Act, while just 29 percent said they were not well informed. However, 45 percent said they are opposed to the Act against 38 percent that do support it. 17 percent of the people polled said they don't know enough about the Act to support or oppose.

When asked about the shutdown, 53 percent said they were following the shutdown very closely, while 39 percent that were following it somewhat. According to those polls, 45 percent believe the Republicans are more responsible while 33 percent said President Obama was responsible.

In terms of its impact on people, 43 percent said the shutdown has had a minor impact while 34 percent said the shutdown had a major impact.

The majority of the 500 people believed the shutdown was not worth delaying or repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act. 53 percent did not think the shutdown was worth a delay in ObamaCare while another 53 percent did not think the shutdown was worth repealing parts of ObamaCare.

Full results of the survey can be found here.