CARROLLTON, Ga. -- After a year of waiting as the dog was trained, Aimee Copeland can now take Bell the Labradoodle home with her. Copeland gained nationwide attention last year for battling a severe flesh-eating bacterial infection that cost her both hands and one leg.

The dog was presented at a fundraiser for Copeland called Paws for Aimee in Carrollton Saturday. The event had everything from a petting zoo to free concerts and a 5k race.

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"It feels great not only to have everyone out here supporting me but supporting a cause I agree with, PSD Academy and Registry," Copeland said.

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It took PSD Academy a year to train the dog because of the special tasks she'd be performing for Copeland. She not only has to be able to pick up and recognize different objects, she can help Aimee with medications.

"It'll make things a lot easier in the short term for picking things up off the ground but also in the long term for providing companionship," Copeland said.

Copeland is back in school at Valdosta State pursuing a master's degree in social work.

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