ATLANTA -- A clerk at the Family Dollar store in southwest Atlanta is being treated for multiple stab wounds after being attacked by a customer.

It happened around 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the corner of Cascade Avenue and Beecher Street.

According to Atlanta Police Sgt. E.L. Teague, the suspect was attempting to shoplift.

"Employees noticed a customer come in who has been previously banned from the store because of shoplifting. The clerk was approaching him to tell him to leave," Sgt. Teague said.

Instead, the suspect began stabbing the clerk in the lower part of her body, then ran from the store.

There are video surveillance cameras mounted on the outside of the store, as well as a camera that takes a video of all customers. Those images are displayed on a screen right over the front door.

Police plan to use those security images in their search for the suspect.

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