ATLANTA - Frustration continues to grow over the new Affordable Health Care website. The site was down for repairs this weekend, as experts tried to fix the bugs.

Millions have tried to access the site over the past two weeks, but the White House said Saturday that less than 500,000 people have actually been able to successfully file applications. In fact, there have been so many problems, Congress is set to hold hearings on the matter next week.

Even local navigators who are in charge of signing up Georgians admit they've run into problems. One told 11Alive some people managed to get all the way to the last step, but then couldn't submit their application. The navigator says the issue is expected to be fixed by Monday.

On Saturday, the White House was still on the defensive as complaints continued. "Those challenges are being addressed, and progress is being made and people are enrolling across the country," said White House press secretary Jay Carney.

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