I wouldn't set my alarm, or plan to camp out to watch tonight's Orionid meteor shower. The shower peaks tonight between midnight and dawn Monday morning. The bright near full moon will hinder the ability to see any meteors streaking across the sky tonight.

The Orionids usually produce about 10-15 meteors per hour. Those are visible on a clear dark night. Since the moon disc is still almost completely illuminated, it will be too bright to have a good view of the Orionids. You may be able to see some faint streaks at times overnight toward dawn, but it's not something that I would lose sleep over in hopes of seeing a good show!

The Orionids usually occur between October 20-22. They are caused by the Earth passing through debris left behind Halley's comet. That debris trail of ice and dust intersects with the Earth's atmosphere. As it hits the atmosphere, that debris burns up and causes a few streaks across the sky.

They won't be impossible to see tonight. We already had a few reports in the southeast Saturday night of some fireballs streaking across the sky. I saw a few tweets from Alabama last night of folks seeing some. There was even a report Saturday night in Buford, Georgia from someone saying he saw a "white-greenish" streak across the sky just before midnight.

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