ATLANTA - A N.W. Atlanta driver is thanking the Commuter Dude team and the city of Atlanta for easing his worries over the erosion that threatened a street near his home.

Franklin Smith emailed pictures to 11Alive of a cavern that had formed beside West Conway Drive.

"There was just a big hole in the ground," said Franklin. "It had eroded all the way under the asphalt itself. I was worried it might collapse."

Now Smith is talking about his concerns in the past tense.

"It was within a week that the repairs were made," said Franklin. "Thanks to you guys, and thanks to the response from the city of Atlanta."

11Alive forwarded Smith's concerns and pictures to the City of Atlanta's Public Works Department. Within days, the city responded with dirt and stone. They filled the cavern and repaired a broken storm drain.

"Call Commuter Dude," said Smith. "They get things done, and get it done quickly."

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