COBB COUNTY, Ga - An obscured street sign in Cobb County concerned one metro Atlanta commuter, until she contacted 11Alive's Commuter Dude.

Denise LaFave emailed Commuter Dude about the nameless, private street that gets a lot of public use. Drivers use it to weave their way from busy Barrett Parkway to Barrett Creek Boulevard and the shops and apartment complexes located there.

Where the private road intersects with Barrett Creek Boulevard, Commuter Dude found a stop sign obscured by pine trees and branches.

Denise LaFave travels this half-mile stretch of road nearly every day...for months...she was troubled by the stop sign that seemed to serve little purpose...not while it was hiding behind a cluster of tree limbs and pine needles.

"It's just a matter of time before something happens," said LaFave "I just want something done about it so there is not a fatality or some kind of wreck."

Because the road is privately owned and maintained, Cobb County informed Commuter Dude that they had no jurisdiction to do anything about the obscured traffic sign.

Commuter Dude examined tax records to find a name and a contact for the owner. After phone calls and an email, it appeared nothing would be done. Commuter Dude made another appeal, and within a few days, several trees were trimmed so that the stop sign was visible.

"We have Channel 11 to thank for this," said LaFave.

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