ATLANTA -- A fight between two students at an Atlanta high school erupted into a brawl when other students and their parents jumped into the fray.

Videos of the brawl that happened at Frederick Douglass High School on Tuesday have been circulating on the internet.

Nzinga Harris, 15, a sophomore, said she was walking out of the school after cheerleader practice when another female student charged her. A cell phone video shows the two students fighting then other students and parents jumping in. "As I was fighting her I turned my head and then I just see all these parents charging at me," Harris said.

She said one of the parents kicked her in the back and in the face when she was down. Harris' left cheek was swollen and she had a bruise on her back. She says that's where she was kicked by a parent.

The girl's mother said she doesn't condone her daughter fighting, but she was furious when she learned of the other parent's reaction. "You would not expect that if your child is at school and an altercation takes place, that parents would jump in and assist their child in assaulting another child," Maisha Harris said.

According to Atlanta police, the fight happened near the track field at Frederick Douglass High School. They said one of the witnesses to the fight was a teacher who was trying to record it on her cell phone. She was attacked by one of the parents who grabbed her phone and slammed it on the ground, breaking it, according to police.

Maisha Harris says she wants justice. "I want to see the parents that threw the punches, that used their legs to kick my daughter in her jaw, her side, her back, I want to see them prosecuted," she said.

A spokesperson for Atlanta Public Schools said "this incident is currently under investigation." Atlanta police said they are trying to identify all the parties involved and are conducting an investigation to see if criminal charges will be filed.

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