STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. -- Remember the Yellow Pages?

They are alive and well for small business in Metro Atlanta, but what happens when get billed for an ad that you say you never ordered or for an ad that never appears. Both followed by threats of taking you to a collection agency.

That's just what happened at Pin Strikes in Stockbridge.

Tim Mullen, the General Manager at Pin Strikes got stuck with a bill for more than $700 for Yellow Page ads he says he never took.

"It doesn't even look like we exist in the Yellow Pages," he said.

"There are 2 bowling centers in there (YP Business) and he is a friend of mine and owns both bowling centers," Mullen added.

Mullen says he contacted the Florida company that emailed him the bills. He says they hung up on him. We did the same thing to get an explanation.

They hung up on us.

We found a number of inconsistencies, including logos that didn't match on the Yellow Page book and on the bill Mullen received.

Mullen says the Florida Company played him a recording accepting the deal but he insists it was automated.

"My answers are yes, yes, nope, yes. You can hear it though the entire conversation," he said.

A check of the Florida Better Bureau website warns of Yellow Pages look-alike scams.

"You are legally bound to pay this, and I said it was a scam," Mullen said.

To be sure, we have handed it over to the FBI before other small area businesses may be hit with the same invoices.

They are now investigating.

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