ATLANTA -- He survived the zombie apocalypse (so far), but fell victim to Atlanta thieves.

Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn on AMC's smash hit The Walking Dead, had his car broken into while he was attending the Walker Stalker convention over the weekend.

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Yeun posted a photo of his broken window along with a hilarious diatribe on Instagram: "Enjoy the pictures that I took on there of all the beautiful people that I love. But I hope you also enjoy the pictures I took of my stupid messy also took my book too, you d**k. I was half way through that I have to start over from the beginning."

According to the report from Atlanta Police, the call came in at 9:00 PM Sunday. Yeun had parked in the 500 block of Edgewood Avenue. He told police he left a Northface backpack with a Mackbook Air, Ricoh Camera, black iPod, and a David and Goliath (halfway finished) hardcover book. Yeun said his Macbook had tracking capabilities, but there was no signal Sunday night.

Oh! And there was a moleskin notebook. And that was the real get according to that still hilarious post: 'but for real what pisses me off most is that you took my notebook full of my dumb ideas that I will never use. I loved those dumb ideas. It was a constant reminder for me to do better. Now I gotta write down all those dumb ideas over again."

And then, "You're a d**k. but I still love you." Though the message was aimed at those specific car thieves, it could have been aimed at the city of Atlanta. So, despite the authentic Atlanta experience, we're glad you still love us.

It appears Steven Yeun (AKA Glenn) may have the knowledge to survive in a world of walkers, but didn't pick up the most basic rule of Atlanta in town living: If you leave more than a thousand dollars worth of stuff on your front seat, it won't be there when you get back. Here's a hint: it wasn't the zombies.