WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Washington D.C. is just one of more than450 locations worldwide where aMillion Mask March is taking place. People associated with the hactivist collective Anonymous were behind the event.

PHOTOS |Inside the Milion Mask march

It is held every year on November 5 in locations such as Los Angeles, New York, Boston, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Netherlands, Greece, Brazil, and India.

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The march's goal is "to unite whistleblowers, hacktivists, marchers and occupiers to defend humanity with truth against political corruption," according to representatives with the Million Mask March.

Shortly before 10 a.m. Million Mask marchers turned onto Pennsylvania Avenue, NW from 15th Street. At approxmately 12 p.m., police reported seeing The Million Mask Marchersheading east on Pennsylvania Avenue approaching 14th Street, NW.See photos of the marchers outside the White House here.

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