(WXIA) -- An Alabama-based tanning salon chain is under fire after running ads that suggested Indians brought "sexy color" to the first Thanksgiving.

The chain's promo -- which has now been pulled -- featured a brunette dressed in a suede, fringed Indian-inspired dress, complete with matching heels, standing alongside a woman dressed in a pilgrim dress.

According to our Houston NBC sister station, the chain's marketing director, David Arnett later posted an apology on the chain's Facebook page.

"In response to the recent post from, the ad I created showing a Native American and Pilgrim in costume was in no way intended to be offensive or racist," he wrote. "I sincerely apologize if it offended anyone.

"I myself am Native American and I am very proud of my heritage and skin tone. The thought process behind the ad was simply a play on my own sexy 'color.' Again, I apologize for any offense and misunderstanding."

The chain's Facebook page has since been taken down entirely.