CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. -- Our sister station, First Coast News in Jacksonville, Fla., broke this story around 3 p.m. Tuesday from a news tip they received.

There are strong reactions from the community today after FCN discovered this photo of a Camden County Sheriff's Deputy, allegedly in blackface at a Halloween party.

In the photo, the man can be seen with black paint covering his face and arms, wearing a jail uniform. People at the party told First Coast News the deputy said he was a Camden County inmate, and he was picking cotton.

In a phone conversation with First Coast News, a spokesman for the Sheriff told us the costume was, "unacceptable," but would not comment further.

The Sheriff has called a news conference to discuss the costume tomorrow. The woman who first saw the photo and posted it to Facebook told First Coast News she was scared of retribution, and she thinks the photo clearly shows a bias in the department.


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