ATLANTA -- On Wednesday evening, the first educator involved in the APS cheating scandal pleaded guilty.

Humphries Elementary School teacher Lisa Terry pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of "Making False Statement and Writings" for her involvement in the Atlanta Public Schools CRCT cheating scandal.

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In a statement submitted to the Fulton County Superior Court, Terry said, "it was not (her) intention to harm any students" and that "in hindsight, she acted out of fear of not achieving AYP...and receiving poor job evaluations."

District Attorney Paul Howard said he is pleased with Terry's guilty plea.

"The truth is finally out. There was in fact "cheating going on" in the Atlanta Public School system. Because of Ms. Terry's willingness to stand up and accept responsibility for her conduct, the truth behind the Atlanta cheating scandal has been unveiled for all to see," Howard said. "We believe this guilty plea is a critical step towards healing for our children and our community. We applaud Ms. Terry for her courage and humility in the face of the criminal charges against her. Thanks to Ms. Terry, the truth is finally here."

Terry was sentenced to 12 months of probation. She was an Atlanta Public Schools teacher for 19 years.

Terry and 34 other defendants were named by prosecutors in the cheating scandal, which accuses them of cheating, conspiring to cheat or intimidate whistleblowers in an ongoing attempt to boost standardized test scores, dating back to 2005.


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