ATLANTA -- There will be a lot more to talk about at three town hall meetings, scheduled in the days leading up tothe vote byCobb County Commissionerson whether to approve the Atlanta Braves proposed stadium plan.

On Wednesday,the teamreleasednew images of what the entertainment district surrounding the stadium could look like.

The project could reach a million square feet of retail, restaurants, residential and office space. There could even be a hotel. The Braves say the bottom line for Cobb county residents, will be $6 million dollars in property taxes and more than $3 million in new revenue for schools.

TheBraves says the mix of retail and restaurants will keep the area active year round, providing a tax boost they hope will sweeten the pot for sour critics.

On Tuesday, 1700 people used a robocall critical of the stadium plan, to voice their opinion. The phone frenzy virtually shut down the county's phone system.

On Wednesday, the watchdog group Common Cause sent a letter to commissioners asking for more time to digest it all.

"When you think about it, a 300 million dollar project that's going to effect the region more than anything has or anything will for years to come, we think citizens should be able to say yes or no on that," said William Perry.

Perry says he'd like to see a referendum on the issue, at the very least a true public hearing on the issue.

Kennesaw State economist J.C. Bradbury says there's still plenty of unknowns, like howtaxpayers will cover its half of the costs committed to stadium maintenance.

"Some of the squishy elements of this contract is that they have to spend to keep the facility competitive with other major league clubs. What the Braves may think is competitive may not be what the county thinks.Basically the county is on the hook for it," said Bradbury.

But a group of business leaders say the deal is a homerun and the time is now to approve it. They've paid fora ad to run in support of the deal, more than 1,000 times on TV between now, and the scheduled vote on Tuesday.

To voice your opinion before the vote, you can attend a town hall meeting being held Thursday,November 21,7pm at the Senior Wellness Center, 1150 Powder Springs Street, in Marietta. The meeting is being held by Commissioner Helen Goreham.

Commissioner Bob Ott is planning a town hall meeting Monday, November 25th at 7pm. It will be heldin the Board of Commissionersmeeting room, at 100 Cherokee St., Marietta.

Commissioner Lisa Cupid will also hold a town hall meeting at 7pm the same day,Monday, November 25th. Her meeting will be heldat the South Cobb Community Center, 620 Lions Club Dr SW, in Mableton.

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