ATLANTA -- Beginning next year you'll be able to pay for parking in Atlanta by phone.

An agreement between Duncan Solutions, the City of Atlanta's parking management company, and Parkmobile USA, a local integrated-solutions technology firm, will give Atlanta drivers the convenience of making cash-less parking payments using smart phones, cell phones, or the Parkmobile website.

To use the new pay-by-cell system, customers will need to register and download the free Parkmobile application onto their Android, Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows smartphones.

Once registered, customers can immediately start using the system with their registered mobile phone, the internet, or by calling Parkmobile's toll-free number (877-727-5714) to pay for parking.

A 35-cent user fee will be charged each time a customer uses the Parkmobile payment system.

"We have been looking for ways to make parking in the city more convenient," said Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza. "We believe the new pay-by-cell option will significantly improve our current operations, because it will not only help customers avoid getting parking citations, but its convenience will be great for local business as well. More customers will park in metered areas when they know they won't have to look for change or dash back to their vehicles to add time to the meter."

Any active parking session can be extended from the customer's phone, assuming the user hasn't used up the allotted maximum time restriction at the specific location.

No extensions to meter times can take place if the posted time limit has been met at a particular space.

Duncan Solutions and Parkmobile will begin a pilot integration of the pay-by-cell system on parking meters in Downtown Atlanta on Baker and Luckie Streets through the end of the year. The official launch of the citywide deployment is expected to be completed by February 1, 2014.

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