ATLANTA -- There was something very different about the early morning start to Black Friday this year.

Those long lines waiting to get inside just didn't happen at many stores that had already opened on Thanksgiving Day.

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Black Friday may usually be the Olympics of Christmas shopping. It's known by long lines to get inside, the mad rush at the door and a competitive search for sales.

Black Friday represents the starting line to the shopping season, but this year it was different after Thanksgiving sales starting the day before.

"I've been going every year for the last five years. It's usually a lot busier than this," said Stephen Mogle.

At 5 a.m., there were just a few shoppers stirring. Most of them were finishing an all-nighter that started on Thanksgiving.

"At the beginning of the night there was a lot of energy around with everybody," said Elizabeth Parsons.

By morning , the energy dropped so much shoppers said it was possible that Thanksgiving deals had killed Black Friday's spotlight.

"I thought that there was going to be a lot more sales, honestly," said Jordyn Russo.

There were plenty of salespeople and plenty of discounts too, just like on Thanksgiving day.

"Now they are opening up the stores so much earlier, I guess it's not as fun," Russo said.

So the score may be Thanksgiving Sales 1, Black Friday 0, but we still have a lot to go through, from Small Business Saturday to Cyber Monday, and all the shopping days left before Christmas are sure to keep fueling capitalism all season long.

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