MONROE, Ga. -- It's now been more than three months since 15 year-old Jacob Little instinctively ran into the road after his skateboard. He was on his way to school, and was hit and killed by a car that didn't stop. Little's father said the passage of time hasn't dulled his pain.

"You start the day realizing your son is no longer there, he's dead, and you go to bed thinking the same thing," said Randy Little.

The drivers who hit him after the first car stopped at the scene or later came forward to authorities. The family still wants to know what happened to the first car. They thought that answer would come in the form of a DNA result due this past week.

Authorities had impounded an abandoned Honda that appeared to have human blood on the hood and front end damage. The only witness to Little's death said the car that never stopped was a Honda.

When the results finally came in last week, they were negative for human blood. The only promising lead for finding the driver suddenly vanished.

"It was a horrible letdown, it just took the air out of everybody," said Walton County Major Greg Hall. "We know we're disappointing Mr. Little because we just don't have anything else to go on. We're hoping someone gets a conscience and comes forward."

Randy Little said he prepared himself for the bad news. He said he'll trust the investigators to keep working on whatever they can.

"You just start over again," Little said. "All I can do is sit back and wait, because I'm not an investigator and I wouldn't know where to start."

The family also wants to create a legacy for Jacob, perhaps by creating a skate park in Jacob's honor. His father said he continues to comfort himself by reading his Bible and remembering his son.

"The memories I do have are wonderful, and I can't replace them," Little said. "I'll be with him one day."

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