ATLANTA-- The opening scene is a look out the front window; a dad walks into nursery and picks up a tiny baby. A voiceover reads: "Atlanta is a city of opportunity. It's a city that is always looking towards the promise of the future."

The voice belongs to Adam Harrell. The video is a collective love letter to the city of Atlanta.

"Living in a place is like being married," Harrell told 11Alive's Julie Wolfe. "You need to look at it and say why did I fall in love in the first place? What makes it special? And I think for people that live outside the city, outside the region really, it's presenting a picture that this is what Atlanta is really like."

The idea behind the Nebo Agency video isn't new. If you've lived in Atlanta, it's the same conversation you've been having again and again for decades. As Harrell and Wolfe walked through those same questions, he admitted that sense of Déjà vu is what pushed a group of young Atlantans to make the internet video.

"A lot of people think of Atlanta as Housewives [of Atlanta] and Traffic, and there's more to Atlanta than that. We wanted to paint a much more authentic picture," Harrell said.

When pushed about the "authenticity" of the rose-colored view of Atlanta, Harrell admits Atlanta has always been a work in progress. "There are places in this city that need to be improved. And people are working on those things. When we did this, we wanted to create a love letter to Atlanta. That was our goal. We wanted to craft a love letter and say, this is what made Atlanta special. This is why you should care about it. This is why you should pay attention. This is why we love it."

He's now reaching out to others united by that same love for Atlanta. "We think that if we can make people think Atlanta is the place where innovation and digital technology really thrives, than we can attract the creative class. We can attract entrepreneurs, start-ups leaders, designers, writers, coders. All of those people build into our ecosystem and help our city prosper."

People are using the hashtag #ChooseATL to share what they love about Atlanta. The instagram collections include expected and unexpected sites in the city.

"We want a 'slice of life' look at Atlanta," Harrell said. "Because everybody has a different view and that's what's great about it. We have a thousand photos of daily life in Atlanta. It's not just our story to tell. It's everyone's story."

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