ATLANTA -- Vanessa Eley has been searching all over the city for her daughter. Diamond Eley, age 12, has been missing since Wednesday afternoon from her Marion Avenue home. Atlanta Police have put out a missing child bulletin for the southeast Atlanta girl.

Her mother made heartfelt pleas to complete strangers in the Mechanicsville neighborhood Friday night. She said Diamond was last spotted in the neighborhood Wednesday night. "I just want her home," Eley said. "I know she's probably scared."

Eley made a tearful plea to her daughter: "its okay, please come home Diamond, please, please."

She pounded city streets all day looking for her daughter. Not even a busy city street could keep her from getting the word to people passing by in cars.

She passed out flyers to complete strangers with her daughter's picture and description that included a police phone number to call if someone sees her.

Eley said her daughter may have run away but because of her age, it doesn't make her or police any less concerned. "She had been getting into a little bit of trouble so she just got back home," she said. "I was trying to get her back in school."

"It appears that she possibly may have run away but we're very concerned because she's a 12 year old girl," said Officer John Chafee. "We'd like to make sure that she's back home safe with her mother."

If you know where Diamond Eley is call 911 or the Atlanta Police DepartmentsYouth Squad at 404-546-4260.

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