We are watching a band of freezing rain that developed a little earlier over Texas. It is now lifting to the north and east into Arkansas, west Tennessee and north Mississippi. Temperatures in that area are right around the freezing mark. This is causing some slippery spots to develop in Arkansas, north Mississippi and west Tennessee.

As this area of precipitation moves north and east, parts of northwest Alabama may briefly get some freezing rain. Temperatures there are also hovering right around the freezing mark.

In Georgia, our temperatures will stay well above freezing. We will see showers developing as we go through the overnight hours. The coldest temperatures that we will have near us will be the upper 30s in northwest Georgia. This will be just a cold, light rain in our state. Our temperatures will be too warm for any freezing rain to develop here.

If you are traveling to our neighboring states to the west, be aware of the changing weather conditions there.

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