AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Dozens of animal rights activists gathered Sunday outside the dental school building on the Georgia Regents University campus.

They are demanding a change in current practices and have asked the federal government to consider pulling taxpayer money that goes to the university's research.

Kathleen Conlee with the Humane Society of the United States said their request is simple.

"We want them to stop these dental experiments on dogs. We want them to stop buying these dogs for what are known as random sourced dealers," Conlee said.

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Last month, the Human Society released undercover videos from a three month investigation at the dental school.

They show a caged, underweight dog with injuries to its legs and paw.

Another caged dog is seen being set loose to run playfully down the hall of the facility.

According to the Humane Society, researchers pull the dogs' healthy teeth to experiment with dental implants. The dogs are later killed so that a small sample of the jaw bone can be cut out. The video then shows the dead dogs being put into plastic trash bags to be disposed of.

The school issued a statement after that video was released saying in part, "the research being done with dogs is neither frivolous nor unnecessary ..."

It continued by saying, "allanimal experiments at GRU are reviewed with great scrutiny by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee ... whose board includes scientists ... veterinarians ... and community members."

The Humane Society is also asking the federal government to step in and no longer allow taxpayer money to fund such experiments at GRU.

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