GRIFFIN, Ga. -- It was a big night at the Georgia Dome for Griffin High School's Jacquez Parks. Parks is the quarterback of the Griffin High School football team.

He had just led his team to the 4A State Championship, beating Carrolton in a shootout by a score of 56 to 35.

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But as he, his team and his parents celebrated, thieves were ransacking his Griffin home.

Parks football win, combined with a 3.8 academic average, and offers from the U.S. Air Force and Yale, all made the evening special.

But when Parks walked in the front door of his home, joy turned to shock. Thieves had axed their way into his home.

"Everything, all the drawers were in the floor, the Entertainment Center was gone from the TV, the xBox, iPad and laptop were gone. Money was gone and the mattress was lifted up. I had purchased Christmas stuff for him on Black Friday, and they took a whole bag of that," said Cassandra Parks, Jacquez' Mother.

For Cassandra, the burglary was pointless.

When word of the burglary got out, The Help Desk got an almost immediate response.

BrandSmart came forward with a $1,000 Gift Card to replace the computer and the TV. Macy's was right alongside with another $1,000 to replace clothing.

"We appreciate everything, what a surprise. It's a lot to us. They took all my stuff but he is just a child." Cassandra said.

The goal now is replace as much as possible for all the family.

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