ATLANTA -- Six days ago, residents in Atlanta's Riverside area were stunned by a plane crash that occurred in many people's backyards.

Those memories remain with them this holiday season.

"I just remember hearing the engines, and it was very loud, and then it was silent," recalls Christy Krapp.

But when they watched it happen, Krapp's husband Kevin had an immediate realization.

"He knew immediately," says Christy Krapp, "that [the pilot] had intentionally avoided hitting homes, therefore sparing additional damage."

That pilot is Peter Mallen, who died along with a passenger in the crash.

Since then, Krapp and other residents in Atlanta's Riverside area have displayed their thanks to Mallen for veering away from other homes. Drive through the neighborhood, and you will see tri-colored ribbons: red and blue for that night's fire and police responders, and white for its victims.

"Some friends and family of the victim have come through," says Krapp. "We just felt it would be appropriate to do something."

Where the plane went down, a local florist has placed a wreath in the name of the fallen pilot.

"To think he's in a plane, and he knows he's in trouble, and the moment he realizes he's going to die, he thought of others," Krapp said in amazement. "I think his efforts were heroic."

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