ATLANTA -- The giant M&M joining the Peach Drop for 2013 isn't the only unusual New Year's Eve celebration in Georgia this year. From possums to Cherry Blossoms, Georgians will ring in 2014 with some unusual celebrations.

Tallapoosa continues its Possum Drop. According to the event website, local taxidermist and historian Bud Jones found a dead Virginia Possum lying on the road. He preserved the possum and named it "Spencer" after one of the town's founders. Besides being the center of New Year's Eve celebrations, the stuffed possum attends other big events around town.

McDonough's Geranium Drop is relatively new to the "unusual New Year's Eve" celebration list. The 3rd annual event includes a huge lighted ball of geraniums dropping at midnight.

Macon's Cherry Blossom Drop is made of recycled metal cherry blossoms and pick lights. They call it an "unofficial countdown to the Cherry Blossom Festival". The annual festival runs from March 21-30 in 2014.

New this year is the Buzzard drop in Perry, Georgia, just south of Macon. First spotted in mid-September, hundreds of Buzzards begin to make roost in high points throughout the City, where they stay throughout the winter months. Early in the morning, you see them-lighting in trees and on radio towers, standing guard as the day breaks, flying off for a busy day's work, and circling back, high in the sky in the afternoon-you can almost set your clock by them when they're here. Their favorite haunt, well known to locals, is the water tower. So to honor the birds Perry will drop "Bob the Buzzard"

Unusual New Year's Eve drops aren't that unusual as every town and city fights to keep crowds closer to home. Other notable drops in the U.S. include the Walleye Drop in Port Clinton, the PEEP drop in Bethlehem, the Beaver Drop in Beavertown, the Drag Queen drop in Keywest, the Mount Olive Pickle Drop in Mount Olive, and the Indy Car Drop in Carlisle.

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