ATLANTA - "We heard a lot of thuds and creaks and noises," Roswell resident Ginger Gillert told 11Alive News on Tuesday.

She was talking about several strange noises in and around her house that kept her young children awake during Monday's sudden cold snap.

"A lot of it was just thuds, but some of 'em would sound like gunshots in the distance," Gillert said.

Thanks to a quick internet search, Gillert soon discovered the source of those mysterious sounds.

I heard them at my house Monday night and you may have heard them at yours as well.

It's a phenomenon called "quaking".

It's your house's way of complaining about this cold weather.

The cause is a rapid temperature drop on the outside of the house, while the inside temperature remains the same.

The sudden cold snap causes outside building materials, like siding and wood, to shrink, while those on the inside don't.

It creates stress where they join together, causing distortion and movement, which produces those ghostly pops, creaks and groans.

They're harmless for the most part, but you might notice an occasional crack in a drywall or possibly a nail head that's worked itself a little loose.

When things warm up a little bit, it's always a good idea to check for any loose nails after this "quaking" and take care of them.

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