(HLN) -- Some recent little hiccups on Target's site have led to some plus-sized problems. First, there was the debacle wherein a plus-sized dress was listed under the color of "manatee grey," while the straight-sized equivalent got a simple "dark heather grey" label.

Now, shoppers are miffed that Target included a dress in the plus-size section of its site that was modeled by a pregnant woman. So was it actually a maternity dress? Or was it for plus-sized women? Is the company assuming all plus-sized women are shaped like pregnant people? The listing and the photo have both been removed from the site, but that doesn't scrub it from the memory of the Internet.

Some people have also observed that in Target stores, the maternity and plus-size sections are right next to each other, and it's sometimes hard to tell which clothes are in which section.

"Their maternity department is side by side with their plus size department, so I'm thinking this wasn't an error at all. I actually had a Target representative show me some really cute tops (peasant type blouses with empire waists and tie back) that had a label in it that said 'Brand Name/Maternity,'" said one commenter on Jezebel.

So what do you think? Was the pregnant model in the plus-sized section an innocent mistake, or do retailers such as Target need to be more sensitive when it comes to plus-sized fashion?


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