PLANO, TEXAS -- Hey Pizza lovers, there's a new choice from Pizza Hut.

The world's largest pizza company is introducing a new hand-tossed crust they say is lighter and airier, topped with cheese made from Mozzarella.

TAKE A LOOK | Pizza Hut's new hand-tossed pizza

For an introductory price of $10, you can order the new hand-tossed pizza with any toppings. The company is also guaranteeing if you don't love it, the next pizza is on them.

Carrie Walsh, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut said "For a long time, consumers have looked at hand-tossed as the 'white bread' pizza of the category, and we set out to completely blow up the notion that all pizzas are created equal."

This launch included the largest and most intense training program ever by Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut originally introduced hand-tossed pizza in 1982. As a category, Hand-Tossed represents the largest share of purchase among consumers nationwide.

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