ATLANTA - Avery Pass says he is not going to let the cold get the best of him.

"I'm holding duct tape, getting ready for tomorrow," he said.

As maintenance engineer for a Buckhead high rise, he has to stay one step ahead of the weather.

"I have to be part meteorologist to figure out what's going on," he said.

He is using the duct tape to keep the warm air in, and is picking up insulation to keep his pipes warm.

"Insulate coming in to the house is good, but might as well insulate coming out as well," he said.

The Home Depot says warm weather gear has been flying off the shelves all week. The top three items they're selling are draft stoppers for doors and windows, foam insulation, and caulking to seal up any cracks.

"We spend a lot of money heating and cooling our homes and we don't want to heat and cool Atlanta," said Home Depot assistant manager Matthew Mattice.

Mattice says easy fixes like those can make all the difference when the temperature dips. Pass agrees.

"Some of those old ways work really well. Because even though it's a high tech world, freezing is still freezing," he said.


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