MCDONOUGH, Ga. --It's no secret that it's cold outside, but the havoc that the weather is causing is becoming a real cause for concern: like a clean up in aisle classroom!

The freezing temperatures failed Austin Elementary School in Henry County when a pipe burst inside their common area.

"I'd say there's about an inch of water in the areas that were affected," said spokesman J.D. Hardin.

The school had to close for for the day and send kids home so they could clean up the mess.

"The classrooms, our offices, those are the areas we are most concerned about," he said.

It was clean up of a different kind out on the road where freezing temperatures iced over roadways.

GDOT advised drivers to slow down to half speed and keep an eye out for black ice.

Chattooga, Habersham, Murray and White County schools were on a 2 hour delay because of the cold blast.

And the Marietta Driving School had to close down because they didn't have any heat.

One place keeping its doors open is the Atlanta Mission.
The homeless shelter says they're at 130% capacity because of the freezing temperatures.

"You're out there, you have no choice," said shelter guest Joseph DeAnna.

He says getting a spot in the shelter is a matter of life and death for some people in this cold.

"You had to dress in layers and layers of clothes. That's the only way you could survive, and even then it's no guarantee," he said.


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