ATLANTA (WXIA) - Imagine the poor people stuck on the highway for a dozen hours or more this week - having to abandon their cars on the highways and walk home, only to get back to their cars and find out they were stolen.

It nearly happened, thanks to a 35 year-old man who now is in jail facing numerous charges.

Louis Mitchell is looking at charges that include theft and forgery after an alert Atlanta police officer saw him driving a tow truck, towing a car. The officer, Jamael Logan thought the truck looked suspicious because it didn't have any logo on it.

He pulled it over but Mitchell, the driver ran. Officer Logan and police tracked him to this house on Washington Street where Mitchell was arrested.

Police impounded the tow truck -- which was reported stolen out of Loganville -- and the car he was towing was stolen, they impounded three more cars that were parked in the back yard of the home.

Police would later learn that Mitchell, while hundreds of cars were left abandoned by stranded motorists on the interstate, was stealing them -- picking them up with the stolen tow truck.


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