GILMER COUNTY, Ga. -- People in Gilmer County are familiar with snow. They get it far more than much of the rest of Georgia. They know when they need to prepare.

The chips, soft drinks, and other snowed-in snacks were practically gone from the East Ellijay Walmart by the time 11Alive's Jeremy Campbell got there. The space heaters were also off the shelves - a sign that people in Gilmer County have been getting ready and stocking up. They say they know how to sustain themselves.

"The residents up here - when the power goes out, they're pretty self-reliant," said one county police officer. "They know how to take care of themselves when the water goes out, when the power goes out, when the pipes freeze."

"Oh, we've got just about everything you need for a week-week and a half, and hope it doesn't last that long!" said one Gilmer County resident outside the Walmart store. "We've got natural gas, we can operate our stove if the power goes out."

The bigger concern in Gilmer County is the winding roads that get so slick, so fast. The county is working with GDOT to treat the larger highways, but they said they cannot cover everything.

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