ATLANTA-- Just one week ago, everyone was asking for it, but now everyone wants the leftover salt, gravel and sand off of metro Atlanta's roads.

Crews used tons of it to treat the roads during north Georgia's bout with snow and ice.

It crunches under the foot, and it flies off the back of tires. The once necessary salt and gravel mix dropped to tackle ice is now just icky.

"It's just a lot for one day of snow. So I'm wondering how it's going to get cleaned up is my next question," said one Atlanta area resident.

Visitors around Centennial Olympic Park founds themselves in a perpetual dust cloud. The leftover grit creating sliding conditions of its own.

"It's kind of dangerous for the kids because you know a few minutes ago we passed by here and my kids almost fell down with it," said a visitor to Centennial Olympic Park.

"It's just a bunch of dirt and gravel, and I'm just scared I'm gonna fall because I'm real clumsy and I just don't want to fall," said another visitor.

Runners taking advantage of the sunshine found themselves coughing and trying to cope with their contact lenses.

"Definitely, the gravel kicks up, especially once I get down by 75/85 over by the bridge, the wind really starts to pick up. It makes my eyes water," a runner said. "It's not fun."

As for the interstates, the Georgia Department of Transportation says, "As traffic moves over the roadways it will clear off the residual materials. We plowed some of the roadways so some of the materials were removed then."

Officials in the city of Atlanta and in Cobb County said crews will start street sweeping on Monday - which is welcome news to some residents we talked to on Sunday.

"I don't know how that works, like a big old brush - I don't know how it works," said one resident. "Just get it off the roads somehow."

Gwinnett County officials said Sunday they have no plans to sweep the residual material off of that county's streets.

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