ATLANTA --Outrage continues two days after the verdict in the so called "loud music" trial over the weekend in Florida.

Marietta teen Jordan Davis was shot to death in Jacksonville last November.

Last Saturday, the jury could not reach a verdict on the first degree murder charge.

The response on social media was enormous. "Justice for Jordan" was trending on Twitter, and thousands of people posted their thoughts on Facebook. Now people are calling for a retrial in the case. Jordan's best friend in Atlanta is one of them.

"In the dove it says courage, the other one will say loyalty," said Davis Vanburen, Jordan Davis' best friend.

He just got a tattoo to remember his friend Jordan.

"He told me to be brave. And to stay loyal to the ones you love the most," Vanburen said.

He says the hung jury on the first degree murder charge isn't justice for his friend.

"No one really wants to hear about a young black man getting shot over music," he said.

People in Jacksonville protested the verdict at the gas station where Jordan was killed.Thousands on Facebook and Twitter blamed racism for the verdict.

"You can't really trust anybody now. You can get in to an argument over anything and someone can just get out a gun and shoot you,' said Vanburen.

Religious leaders watching the trial say the ending to the year and a half long ordeal is painful.

"Gut wrenching. Almost like living another nightmare again. Just seeing a loss of life again," said local pastor Dr. Joseph Williams.

Williams says he understands the anger in the community, but respects the legal process.

In his testimony, Michael Dunn said he acted in self defense the night he shot Davis.

Williams said hedoesn't think race should be part of the discussion.

"It needs to be justice for the loss of life, period. Nothing more, nothing less," he said.

At 47 years old, Michael Dunn will likely serve the rest of his life behind bars for the three attempted murder charges he was convicted of.But for Vanburen and Jordan's family, that's not enough.

"Unless it's first degree murder, I don't even care about the charges," said Vanburen.

Dunn will be sentenced for the attempted murder convictions in March. The prosecutor says she will retry him on first degree murder charges.


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