What do your music choices say about you? If you listen to country music, are you a Republican? Love R&B, does that mean you're a Democrat? Pandora says yes, and they're making plans to cash in on the idea.

The Wall Street Journal reports Pandora Radio will launch a new advertising service next week. It's based on a user's perceived political leanings. The company will match election results to users' musical picks by zip code. It will label listeners as Republicans or Democrats. It makes is easier for political organizations to target you specifically.

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If you're using the free service, you can't opt out. Instead, you'd have to purchase the paid service for $3.99 a month. Pandora believes there is a strong correlation between your politics and your music choice. They claim their predictions are 75% to 80 % accurate. Seventy-three million people use Pandora.

Do you think there's a correlation between music and political affiliation? Will the move change the way you use Pandora?

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